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Jonathan Burdeshaw was born and raised in Alabama and currently resides in Los Angeles.  In 1998 he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Auburn University. Mixed media sculpture was a main focus during school and continued after graduation.

In 2002, work on the motion picture “Big Fish” presented a new opportunity which led him to Los Angeles, where more work in the film industry followed. His focus in both fine art and film has always been sculpture. Movie work is executed by using maquettes, blueprints, and reference photos to achieve a final piece from different types of foam.

Jonathan’s own art has grown to use many of the same processes and materials used in the film industry, while blending them with more traditional methods. This personal work draws influence from sociology, religion, science, art history, dance, and music to create static or kinetic works of art. A main objective of this work, through interpretation, is to convey imagery of ideas, peoples, and stories revealing the connections between human beings while retaining the individuality of each.