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Since 2002 I have worked in the film industry. Sets and props are made from various types of foam. This work involves ornamental, figurative, and landscape sculpture. Many of the sets are very large filling an entire sound stage. No matter the scale of the finished piece all are started from maquettes or blueprints. Additional research material helps give an idea of textures and an overall look of each piece.


My personal work still retains the use of traditional mediums, but also has grown to use many of the techniques I have learned in the film industry. Most would term my work as mixed-media sculpture. My art draws influence from sociology, religion, science, art history, dance, and music to create static or kinetic works of art.

Home and Furniture

Another creative and monetary avenue for me has been home interiors and furniture. I reclaimed and milled heart pine wood in the south, using it to make flooring and custom cabinetry. Also creating, installing, and finishing all types of flooring, woodwork, and cabinets has been a great teacher for my other types of work. Using these techniques along with forging and metal work allowed me to branch out into furniture design and architectural elements for homes.